Inspirational Stories from Trailblazing Teachers


To help provide inspiration and new ideas for engaging your students, we’ve put together a list of articles featuring a few of our favorite trailblazing teachers.


5 stories featuring inspiring K-12 educators: 


I made my classroom look like the real-world—and test scores soared

eSchool News

Elementary school teacher, Anthony Johnson, describes how he turned his classroom into a simulation of real life to engage students.


7 Ways to Maximize Student Engagement

Getting Smart

In this article, teachers and administrators across the nation share a few ideas and best practices that can help maintain that “first day of school” level of engagement all year long.


3 Benefits of Using PBL in a Special Education Class

Jamie Kumiega

High school special education teacher, Jamie Kumiega, takes a project-based learning (PBL) approach to teaching her students. Jamie explains how she uses PBL in her classroom and why she’s found it so successful  “different learning opportunities and is adaptable enough to meet the needs of students on every level.”


School & Community Partnerships Showcase the Power of Real-World PBL

Meghan Raftery

This article is an excellent showcase of the power of real-world learning.  It tells the story of how a school in Virginia Beach engaged their students in PBL with a project that brought together the school and community.


Strategies that Help Students to Dream and Innovate

Brian Cook

Middle school ELA teacher, Brian Cook, explains the strategies that he uses to provide opportunities for his students to “dream and innovate to improve the trajectory of their educational endeavors”.

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