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images 2 Steps to Embedding Career Pathways into the K-8 Curriculum - How can teachers easily and effectively incorporate career experiences into their existing curriculum? Here's a 2 step solution.
maximize-engagement Creating classroom simulations to incorporate PBL and bring relevance to traditional lessons - When students become part of their own learning they take pride in their education and become more engaged.
career-image-small 3 Classroom Practices to Enhance Career Readiness - College and career readiness for students is a growing initiative across the United States. There are countless ways in which teachers can support this effort.Here are three practices that can move your students along the continuum of career readiness and success.
download-1 Tips for an A+ Professional Development Session - As the CAO of an edtech company, I lead onsite professional development (PD) sessions for K-12 educators. I am often surprised when I begin a session and a majority of the participants do not know why they are there or the purpose of the session. I’ve found that the most productive and successful PD sessions often share common elements.
news-final Top 10 STEM Education Articles of 2016 - We reviewed the major news stories on STEM education in 2016 and found ten that we think are exceptionally inspiring and educational. Topics range from research reports to feature stories about new STEM initiatives in schools.
picture1 5 Strategies for Implementing a Successful STEM Initiative - Working with a number of school systems around the country, I have witnessed a number of commonalities that have led to successful STEM learning experiences and initiatives.
4-h-2 Defined STEM Helps 4-H Clubs Grow Independent Learners - 4-H students are spending a lot of their time focused on areas like civics, sustainable living, technology, and leadership skills—and they’re doing it largely on their own.
shutterstock_258237218 4 Ways to Keep Students Focused During the Holidays - Parties, shopping and vacation time can derail learning. Here are rock-solid solutions to keep students on task
Placeholder Image What CSI Can Teach ELA - By offering engaging lessons and embracing a chaotic classroom, one teacher brings STEM into her English curriculum.
Capture Anthony Johnson - A weather unit was already part of my plans so I decided to use the Defined STEM Weather Reporter performance task. I integrated a few of my other weather projects, like launching a weather balloon, into the Defined STEM lesson.