Top 5 STEM Education Articles | March 2017


By Maggie O’Brien | March 31st, 2017


Below is a list of noteworthy articles on STEM education that we came across this month.  These articles support our mission of assisting students in developing the 21st century skills they need to succeed in college, career, and life.


Engineering Making Headway in Schools, Analysis Shows


This article recaps a report by Change the Equation which analyzed data from surveys administered to 4th and 8th grade teachers and students as part of the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress. The report highlights that the Next Generation Science Standards are having a positive impact on educations as there has been an increase in the amount of time spent teaching engineering in the states that have adopted the NGSS.


The Way We Teach Math is Holding Women Back


Stanford math professor and best-selling author, Jo Boaler, stresses the need to exam how we teach math.  She explains that if we can dispel the myths about math and teach differently, we would “improve the lives of many students and enable the creation of a more diverse STEM workforce”.


I made my classroom look like the real world…and test scores soared

TedEd Blog

Fifth grade science and social studies teacher, Anthony Johnson, explains his success engaging students with real-world lessons.  Anthony’s classroom is run like an interactive city and is “a simulation of adulthood where students works, create, and learn about personal finance and entrepreneurial skills.  They experience real-world situations and gain insights into global affairs”.


Starting Out With Project-Based Learning

Getting Smart

Junior High STEAM and Foreign Language Teacher, Rachelle Dene Poth, discusses her journey to implementing high-quality PBL in her classroom and offers resources, tips, and inspiration for educators looking to do the same.


Study: To Get High School Students Interested in STEM, Invest in Parents


Helping parents talk to their high schoolers about STEM can pay dividends for years to come, says a recent study from the University of Virginia and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



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