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PBL Professional Development That Actually Works

Two curriculum coordinators share successful PD to help educators shift to digital learning models

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Our research shows that when students work on projects, they learn more

In a recent study, students learning via project tested better and improved applied problem-solving skills

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Why Mr. Johnson’s Classroom Is More Fun Than Yours

Just like in the real world, in my classroom students show what they’ve learned through project-based learning (PBL) and application using real-world examples. Is it working? Well, according to state science exams, my students consistently score higher than other science classes in my district.

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Whether you call it STEM, STEAM, or STREAM, cross-curricular, real-world education is helping students to make a difference in their communities now and preparing them for further education and careers. And creative collaboration is the key.

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Robot Revolution: Intelligence In, Intelligence Out

The familiar garbage in/garbage out axiom has long been a mantra of computer programmers, and nowhere is the cause-and-effect principle more apparent than when working with robots.

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College and career plans hatch in kindergarten

It’s never too early to start thinking about college and careers. And that’s why kindergarteners at Kankakee School District in Illinois are already on the right path.

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