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7 Ways to Maximize Student Engagement

Here are a few ideas and best practices from teachers and administrators across the nation that can help maintain that “first day of school” level of engagement all year long.

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4 Ways to Keep Students Focused During the Holidays

Parties, shopping and vacation time can derail learning. Here are rock-solid solutions to keep students on task

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Project-Based Learning Tied to Improved Problem-Solving Skills

Elementary school students in Illinois whose teachers used a project-based-learning curriculum had stronger scores on a math test that measured problem solving than their peers from more-traditional science classes.

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The Audience in Authentic Performance

As an emerging teacher I had a strong passion for project-based teaching and learning. I taught the life sciences, and this strategy made a great deal of sense to me. My students were engaged and were mostly interested in the classroom content and using it to help develop their products. I did not realize my issue with this strategy until years later as a facilitator of professional learning. My problem was that whenever I assigned a project, my students were creating this product for me. I had neglected an important aspect of project-based learning; the audience.

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Food, Farms, and Community

Farming practices are continually being adjusted and debated. One practice that is becoming increasingly popular for farmers and consumers is sustainable farming. “Sustainable agriculture provides high yields without undermining the natural systems and resources that productivity depends on.

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Jay McTighe discusses assessment

Watch the video below to see Jay McTighe discuss how assessment should be done throughout learning.

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Jay McTighe discusses college and career readiness

Watch the video below to hear Jay McTighe talk about how college and career readiness is all about the capabilities of a student to apply their learning to new situations on their own. Defined STEM performance tasks are a perfect set of resources to give students experience in applying their learning.

Jay McTighe discusses transfer of knowledge to new situations

Watch the video below to see Jay McTighe discuss how a primary goal of education should be for students to apply or transfer their learning to new situations. Defined STEM performance tasks provide a clear way for students to show understanding and transfer their knowledge.

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Energy, Society, and the Environment

Much debate continually occurs related to the best ways to meet the energy needs of cities, countries, and the world. In early November the United States and China agreed to a deal to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years.

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