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Why this One STEM Course has Four Different Teachers

By Dr. Patricia Wargo – eSchool News 4/26/2016

A STEM rotation model engages students in multifaceted projects with real-world implications

What does it mean to truly apply classroom knowledge? Years ago, application meant a comprehensive exam or essay. In today’s educational environment, students are encouraged to apply what they’ve learned, not just on tests, but during multifaceted, multimedia projects that bring relevance to lessons and help students realize how their learning is used every day in the real world.

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Four Teachers, Four Classrooms, One Cross-Curricular STEM Course

By Mathew Lynch – Education Week 4/6/2016

The STEM team at Huntingdon Area Middle School uses a rotational model to engage students in multifaceted, multimedia projects with real-world implications.

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Defined STEM – Illinois Community High School Dist. 117

When you ask high school students in Lake County, Illinois what their career goals are, you may be surprised by how many of them answer “scientists”. However, the Associate Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Community High School District 117, David Bain, isn’t surprised at all.

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Defined STEM – Congress Elementary Case Study II

A couple of years ago, Congress Elementary school, in Arizona, wanted to make a significant culture shift in its teaching approach with a stronger focus on STEM learning. To help integrate the change, the school was one of seven in Arizona selected to receive a STEM grant via the Helios STEM School Project, through the Science Foundation of Arizona. Principal Stephanie Miller then had to select a product to use to help the STEM culture shift take hold among teachers.

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Defined STEM – Congress Elementary Case Study I

As the first-grade teacher for inquisitive six year olds, Emily Morse is always looking for new projects to inspire her students. With a recent culture shift in her district to increase STEM learning for students, Morse wanted to find new and creative ways to integrate STEM into various lessons for students to make it fun and engaging, and to instill an interest in science, but without making the lessons too advanced for the students.

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Defined STEM – Phoenixville Area School District Case Study

In an old steel town just outside Philadelphia, Preston McKnight knew it was time for a change. As the director of curriculum for Phoenixville Area School District
“We had some STEM elements in our curriculum, but it wasn’t very integrated. Science was science, math was math, and we tried to teach a few engineering principles in our technical education classes, but that was it,” said McKnight. “We knew STEM could be so much more, and we wanted our students to experience the integration and multi-layered problem-solving pieces of that.”, he wanted to improve the district’s approach to STEM education.

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Defined STEM – Dysart Unified Schools Case Study

How can a school district that has tripled in size since 2000 effectively develop a “career and college ready” student who’s steeped in STEM learning?

As the director of instructional technology in a district with a very limited budget and an increasing student enrollment, Michelle Benham has had to get creative about finding strong, yet affordable, programs that can build into her district’s vision for developing a “21st Century” learner. In addition to instilling students with the 4Cs (critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity), Dysart Unified officials want students to be well versed in STEM learning, the 3 Rs and, said Benham, “all those skills necessary to be global citizens.”

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Defined STEM – Mahoning ESC Case Study

When faced with a challenge, finding solutions for your own school district can be challenging enough. Compared with traditional administrators, Jason Braddock has a little more to worry about - after all, he is responsible for overseeing 16 school districts at once!

As the instructional supervisor for secondary math and K-12 STEM for Mahoning Educational Service Center, the decisions Braddock makes affect 35,000 students in Ohio.

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Defined STEM – Altar Valley Case Study

When you are a STEM coordinator of a diverse, rural district with limited funds and high hopes for a superior summer school program, you must get creative. As Kathryn Zanin, Altar Valley STEM Coordinator, knows it is a big responsibility to ensure that all students have access to STEM learning year-long…summer being no exception.

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