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About Us

Defined Learning has a proven track record of developing and providing award winning educational programs. The use and delivery of these programs has been statistically proven to impact student achievement in the classroom.


Johnjoe Farragher, Founder & CEO
Johnjoe Farragher was the creator of the unitedstreaming business in 1999 and most recently an executive at Discovery Education. With the full launch in 2001, Johnjoe orchestrated the development and oversaw the growth of the unitedstreaming. Under his guidance the service grew to being used in over 70% of United States schools. This service was instrumental in bringing upon a paradigm shift in the way educational media was used in the classroom.
In 2009 Johnjoe, seeing a void in the marketplace, decided to fill that void by focusing his creative efforts in building a business that provides STEM-based, relevancy content. To that end Defined STEM was launched in August 2009 and within 18 months had been implemented in over 4,000 schools, including a state-wide agreement for all middle and high schools in the state of Pennsylvania

Rob Eifler, Founder & CIO
Rob Eifler is responsible for product and technology development at Defined Learning. He was previously the chief software architect of all Discovery Education products. Having been there from the start, Rob was able to design, build and implement Discovery’s streaming digital services from inception to being utilized by over 1,000,000 educators
Rob is a pioneer in the field of educational technology, creating new technologies still used in tens of thousands of schools today to alleviate bandwidth constraints dealing with high bit rate content. He also was responsible for creating an infrastructure capable of servicing over 200,000 teachers each day and delivering over 50,000,000 videos a year to classrooms around the world.

Joel Jacobson, Founder & COO
With 20 years in educational media it is Joel’s responsibility to lead the implementation strategy and business development. Joel’s approach to utilization and creative marketing campaigns drove the early adoption of unitedstreaming to over 15,000 schools in less than 3 years. It was this type of strategic vision that led him an executive position at Discovery Education where he fostered relationships with companies like Dell, Apple, Pearson, and Encyclopedia Britanica. Through partnerships with companies like these, Joel was able to deliver critical partnerships which ultimately shaped the direction of Discovery Education.
As one of the founders of Defined Learning, Joel has developed key relationships within the state of Pennsylvania to allow for state-wide access to all middle and high schools. As well, Joel was key in partnering with Wilkes University to aid in the curriculum development of Defined STEM content

Dr. David L. Reese, CAO
Dr. David L. Reese serves as Chief Academic Officer for Defined Learning. During the past twenty years, Dr. Reese has served K-12 students as a science teacher, Curriculum Specialist, and Central Office Administrator. He has taught Masters and Doctoral courses in all areas of curriculum and professional development leadership. His work has focused upon providing students with engaging, relevant learning opportunities designed to encourage students to apply content from a local, national and international perspective.
David’s forte in creating both online and hybrid courses for educators at the Masters and Doctoral level, as well as online Professional Development, has provided educators with greater access to continuous educational opportunities. Prior to joining Defined Learning, his work as the Coordinator for Partnership Programs at Wilkes University included the development of hybrid online courses, which he has taught domestically, as well as internationally (Istanbul, Turkey and Muscat, Oman).
Working with the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center, David and a NASA Education Specialist developed and implemented the NASA Endeavour program designed to connect NASA scientists, educators, and researchers with students in northeastern Pennsylvania through videoconferencing and project based learning. This program has grown during the past twelve years to sites around the country. It currently serves numerous school districts and universities in northeastern Pennsylvania.
Working with Defined Learning provides the opportunity to synthesize his professional career and work with educational stakeholders to create meaningful, authentic tasks aligned with multimedia resources. His passion is derived from the idea that, “Students can do anything they want to do in life, they just need to be excited, engaged, and have a window to the global world”.

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