10 Online Tools to Help You Create Beautiful Classroom Presentations

By Gloria Kopp


Slideshows and presentations, whether they are PowerPoint or otherwise, are a great way to introduce new concepts and educate your students in new and exciting ways so they can grasp the data a lot easier.

Most children these days are very visual learners and instead of having teachers stand at the front of the class simply relaying information out of a textbook, using a PowerPoint presentation is a great way to make things easier and a lot easier to understand.

However, having a poorly made presentation or slideshow is only going to make things even more difficult to understand. So you can create the best quality presentations, here are 10 tools you can use at home or even with your class in the lessons!



Glogster is a leading multimedia creation app which works online to help you create interactive posters that can be used in your presentations, slideshows and individually to convey any information you want to convey professionally and in an easy to read format.


Marketed as one of the best things to happen to the presentation industry, Prezi is ideal for creating high-quality presentations to use for any subject you can think of, whether it’s from scratch or using any of the pre-made templates. One of the leading features is the incredibly easy to use drag and drop function.


Within your presentations, it’s sometimes a lot easier to use videos to explain certain points or to share videos that your class may have made during a few lessons. Animoto is an easy way to create beautiful videos from clips or photos organized into a slideshow format.

Easy Word Count

A free online tool you can use when creating the written content for your presentations. When creating presentations, you need to make sure that the information isn’t just blocked onto the presentation but is more like notes. Use this tool to track that you aren’t writing too much.

State of Writing

When writing the content for your presentations, you want to make sure that the text is correct, both factually and in the sense of the way, it’s written, such as grammar and punctuation. Of course, it’s easy to overlook these things when creating a visual presentation, which is where State of Writing can help.

Essay Roo

In regard to your written content, when it’s all written out and just before you do your final proofreading checks, you’ll want to make sure that you’re communicating the message that you want to communicate. When it comes to editing, use this tool to teach you everything you need to know.


An online movie maker where you can stitch together clips, movies and photos into one clip that you can add to your presentation to create a new visual style of learning within your classes.


An easy to use and 100% free slideshow maker you can start using directly from your web browser to create high-quality presentations for your class or with the help of your students. This is a great tool for teaching students how to make their own presentations.

Boom Essays

A professional online writing tool you can use to help you proofread your presentation slides and content to make sure that it’s free from errors and reads well, ensuring the highest quality content.

Cite It In

This is a free online tool you can use for adding citations, references and quotes to your presentation in a professional format so they are easy to read, contain all the information that professional quotes should have and have the maximum amount of educational value.



As you can see, there is a wealth of tools available at your disposal that you can use when creating presentations for your class to make it yet while making sure everything is perfect for the best educational experience.



Gloria Kopp is an educator and a tutor at Academized. She shares her tutorials and guides at HuffingtonPost, Engadget, Microsoft and Paper Fellows blogs. Gloria is also an author of Studydemic educational project for students and educators



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